Our Story


What began as a travel luggage set that was a little unexpected, a little rebellious, has since exploded into a global phenomenon with a cult-like following.

Founded in 1976 during the Golden Age of Munich, MCM (Modern Creation München) was born out of a desire to be different and an unparalleled ambition for perfection. Our name, also representing the Roman numerals “1900” symbolizes the spirit of travel from the turn of the 20th century, serving as an homage to our city of birth. Unsatisfied with the flimsy luggage available at the time, we set out to create our own collection handcrafting a 20-piece set that was sold from our first boutique in Munich. And the rest, as they say, is history.

When one recalls the legacy of MCM, our distinct logo and signature caramel hue were seen accompanied by the jet-set: a handbag slung across the arm of legendary singer Diana Ross, cradled by a young Cindy Crawford in a fashion shoot, or on a valise in Sammy Davis Jr.’s hotel suite in Vegas.

Our logo is a reflection of our rich heritage. MCM’s beribboned laurel leaves pay tribute to King Ludwig I’s passion for all that was neoclassical, as well as representing the Greek symbol for victory. Our diamonds symbolize value, strength and durability without compromise in beauty, inspired by the diamonds of the Bavarian Flag entitled “Weiss Blauer Himmel”.

Each MCM piece continues to be personalized with a unique number engraved on the iconic brass plate, a craftsmanship tradition that continues to this day. Like a treasured heirloom, this signature detail is the finishing touch to every MCM product, making every item iconic.

Why do people gravitate towards MCM? We are always changing. Our aesthetic is our impulse, and reinvention is our constant. From the birth and evolution of our famed Cognac Visetos monogram pattern — to our exquisite leather offerings, we’ve become an undeniable modern classic.

Munich 1976


MCM blossomed on the heels of a cultural renaissance of modernism, novelty and progressivism during 60s and 70s in Munich. Dubbed “The Glamorous and Legendary Years of Munich”, it was an era of rebellion, marked by a generation of creative visionaries, artists, musicians, jetsetters, tastemakers, entrepreneurs, and stars and starlets alike, including the notorious Giorgio Moroder, inventor of the 1970s “Munich Sound”.

It was the start of a new era of nightlife and daily life where anything was possible—an exciting time when visions and unprecedented innovations in architecture, movies, music, art, photography, media, fashion, beauty, technology, travel and mobility thrived. From the world over, high profile travelers frequented Munich; legends that included Eric Clapton, Freddie Mercury, Supertramp, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Deep Purple, Queen, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger and countless others.

MCM established itself at the height of this golden age and we continue to embody the rich cultural spirit of Munich, translating the essence of this epoch for today’s progressive global nomad.


Innovation and Functionality

At the heart of our products is our craftsmanship: a heritage and tradition that unites hundreds of years of excellence in German manufacturing and engineering design. Every piece we make is the work of fine craftsmen and women who assemble each element and item with the utmost care and attention to detail. We ensure that our products are crafted by the most knowledgeable and skilled of artisans to meet the same rigorous quality standards we established decades ago.

MCM’s unparalleled commitment to perfection, paired with the finest in fabrics, leathers, materials and finishings create pieces that will stay with you over generations. And while we look to our heritage for technique, we continue to innovate for the future, infusing cutting edge technology with fresh design—the perfect evolution between of the old school and the new.

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